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The third full-length from L.A. band Bad Suns, Mystic Truth will be released on Epitaph Records on March 22._x000D_
Produced by Dave Sardy (The Head and the Heart, The Black Angels, Oasis), Mystic Truth channels that searching quality into songs with a powerful sense of purpose. In creating the album, Bad Suns recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound and at Sardy's home studio, building on the melodic brilliance first glimpsed on their debut album Language & Perspective - a 2014 release that hit #24 on the Billboard 200 and led to massive tours supporting Halsey and The Neighbourhood._x000D_
For Bad Suns, chasing that magic has always formed the essence of the band. With Bowman and Bennett first meeting in seventh grade, the two near-lifelong musicians eventually linked up with Libby and Morris and spent their teenage years working their way through the L.A. music scene. After dropping a demo off in the mailbox at alt-rock radio station KROQ, Bad Suns saw their breakthrough single "Cardiac Arrest."_x000D_
Newly signed to Epitaph Records, Bad Suns found the making of Mystic Truth to be especially charmed. "Recording this album was like a neverending dream - there were times when it felt like we were pulling songs out of the air," he says._x000D_
Over the years, Bad Suns have invited those bursts of inspiration by endlessly opening themselves up to new ideas, often by immersing themselves in art or literature. That approach undeniably shaped the emotional undercurrent of Mystic Truth, an album both intimate and universal in scope._x000D_
Bad Suns is:_x000D_
Christopher Bowman (guitar/vocals) Ray Libby (guitar)_x000D_
Gavin Bennett (bass)_x000D_
Miles Morris (drums)